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Latest from the Blog

311 Self Titled On Cassette

I recently revisited this classic album on cassette and I must say that I’m not disappointed that I did. With the massive influx of new music coming at us from every direction nowadays its easy to get lost in all of it and to forget about some of the classics that shaped our musical taste…

The Outer Banks Season One Review

I’m not usually the type of person who watches a series when it’s brand new. I usually wait a few seasons so that I can get a bunch of seasons and binge watch. Nowadays, a show will release an entire season all at once and then make you wait an entire year for a new…

Master P Rap Snacks: Creamy Chicken Gumbo

I finally got around to trying out the Master P Rap Snacks: Creamy Chicken Gumbo. I’ve never been a big fan of the Ramen noodles in the cup, mainly because I like to break up my Ramen noodles and eat it with a spoon like a soup. I know that this is an unconventional way…

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