Master P Rap Snacks: Creamy Chicken Gumbo

I finally got around to trying out the Master P Rap Snacks: Creamy Chicken Gumbo. I’ve never been a big fan of the Ramen noodles in the cup, mainly because I like to break up my Ramen noodles and eat it with a spoon like a soup. I know that this is an unconventional way of eating Ramen, but its been my preference for as long as I can remember. My biggest complaint here is that the fill line, to where you’re supposed to fill the water, is very difficult to see.

As far as flavor goes, the Creamy Chicken Gumbo definitely has more to offer than the blandness of the more popular flavors such as chicken or beef. It really doesn’t taste true to the name Gumbo, but it definitely does have a nice Creole flavor to it. Its very smooth and not at all spicy, but despite not being spicy, it does still have a bit of Louisiana flair to it.

With the rise in popularity of streaming over the last decade, and plummeting sales of albums, rappers have found that product endorsements is an excellent way to supplement the income that they are missing out on with a lack of album sales. Rap snacks seems to be increasing in popularity as well and doing very well for the rappers who’s names are being used to push these products.


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